About Us

Our mission is to help you get the purest and healthiest water for your home while minimizing wastewater for the planet.

We give advice on the best water filtration systems and treatments, including whole house water filtration systems and water testing kits.

We also inform you of other water-related news and educate you on how you can live a sustainable life with the future of our planet and kids in mind.

Meet the Team

Paul Morton

Paul is a retired plumber who now spends hours on home improvement projects. From fixing toilets to leaking pipes in crawls spaces, there is nothing Paul can't do or wouldn't try.

Paul was running his own plumbing company and is our expert in regard to all types of water filtration systems.

Email: paul@living-water.org

Diana Masson

Diana works as a saleswoman in a hardware store. She knows the smallest differences between the various water filter brands and knows exactly what her customers want.

Diana is a mother of 3 children and has been a homeowner for 2 years. Her family can rely on having the purest drinking water because she had a water filter installed herself last summer. Which one? Ask her yourself!

Email: diana@living-water.org

Lucas Greer

Lucas vs. Wild - Lucas is a true nature lover and survivalist.
When he's not teaching science at school, he can be found in nature: hiking, climbing, camping, and rafting.

He knows all the tricks and DIYs for making unclean water drinkable with simple means in an emergency.
At school, his students love him for his exciting water filtration projects.

Email: lucas@living-water.org